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Have you ever asked yourself how come the media reported about dozens of soldiers and policemen who were wounded because of the behavior of settlers on the Gilad Farm, yet not one of those media reports succeeded in publishing even one picture of a settler hitting a policemen or soldier ?

Have you asked yourself how is it that no communications media presented reports about wounded settlers ?

Did you know that the policemen who came to evict the settlers were violating the law by removing ID tags from their uniforms on which their names were written - all in order to beat the settlers without the settlers being able to present complaints against them ?

Did you know that the order to remove tags had been given to them from the top brass of the Police and that every policemen was briefed to identify himself when asked as "Shachar Ayalon" (the name of the police chief of Judaea and Samaria) ?

If you didn't know, the time has come for you to be aware of this. Here are the photographs that the communications media have refused to publish:

Yasam Policemen CHAIM DROR chokes a boy until he loses consciousness:

Unfortunately for the Yasam policemen, and especially for Chaim Dror, unlike the regular policemen, they are unable to remove the ID tags from their shirts, because their tags are sown on their shirts.  In order to see an enlargement of the picture of YASAMnik Chaim Dror's tag while he chokes the child, press on the circular photograph.

Here are some more pictures that the media refused to publicize:

Yasam policemen are choking children and adolescents:

AP photograph by Brennan Linsley which the media refused to publicize:

Poking fingers into the eyes and handcuffing the hands:

"Don't you dare complain about the beatings, You got it!":

Settlers who've been beaten senseless are whisked away unconscious to the hospital:

Moshe Zar, the legal owner of the land and the farm, a Jew, around 70 years old, is beaten and evacuated unconscious to the Hospital. Amongst the paramedics who evacuated wounded settlers is Boaz Shabo (below facing the camera) whose wife and three children were murdered in the terrorist attack in Itamar in which his house was completely burnt down. His daughter was also wounded in the evacuation. (Reuters photograph by Chaim Zach. Flash 90).

The next morning, Moshe Zar returns to his farm from the hospital. His bloodstained shirt testifies to the beating he endured the previous night:

Policemen operate without ID tags in order to be able to hit brutally and arrest without any recourse to complaint:

The soldiers who beat the terrorists who carried out the lynch in Ramallah were convicted of aggravated assault. They were sentenced to conditional prison sentences and fines. (Press here to read the Hebrew report on Ynet)  Don't policemen who beat Jews deserve a trial ???

Don't believe everything you read in the papers. Have you seen photographs in the media of settlers beating soldiers and policemen, or have you only heard reports without seeing any pictures ???

We clearly deplore any attack on a policemen and a soldier. But in this situation, it simply didn't happen !!!

We praise the soldiers for having, in the great majority, operated with restraint - unlike the barbarism and brutalness of the regular police and particularly the YASAM police.  We are taking legal action and will continue to take legal action against Chaim Dror and against anyone who takes advantage of his authority in order to raise up his hand against us. We are taking action and will continue to do so in the future against any communications medium that will falsify the truth in order to gain political profit.

Please spread amongst your friends the address of this website: You are invited to disseminate the photographs, but please do not remove the names of the photographers who gave us the right to publicize them here.

We call on all settlers to take cameras with them in order to document these men who hit and commit crimes. Please send us copies at the e-mail address:

If anyone amongst you recognizes the children in the photographs, please be in contact with us so we can help them with legal proceedings.